We originally decided to become beekeepers to aid in the pollination of our garden. There wasbees on apple blossom a noteable difference in our vegetable crop which of course was a beneficial one. In the pollination process it helps to create uniform vegetables. Bees have proven time and time again just how important they are to our world and they provide such an important link to our growing.

One of the fringe benefits we receive from the honey bees is the beautiful natural honey they provide us with. We care for them just as we care for our vegetables using the most natural methods of maintaining healthy bees. We do not use any harmful chemicals in our hives. Our honey is pure and unpasturized which is considered raw honey. It is taken straight from the hive after each honey flow, extracted, filtered and then bottled to retain all the beneficial qualities and flavors of the season. Honey will change with the seasons having many different colors and taste, from very light in the spring to a dark molasses color in the fall. It all depends what and where they get their nectar from.